UPDATE: Energy Web Community Staking

The Energy Web Consortia Relay Pool ended on Dec 18, 2022. Here’s an update on the upcoming silver and gold reward mechanism.

  • The Energy Web community has rightly pointed out two issues with the upcoming silver and gold Energy Web Token (EWT) award pools: 1) the new pools do not appropriately award individuals and/or businesses who consistently staked the maximum number of EWT throughout the duration of the Consortia Relay Pool and 2) the 7 day period of the staking pools makes it difficult for users to earn maximum awards
  • To fix this, a new reward structure and user interface that fairly awards individuals and businesses who consistently staked the maximum amount of EWT during the Consortia Relay Pool is under development
  • This new award structure will use a streamlined user interface to make it simple, secure, and easy for silver and gold verifiable credential holders to claim silver and gold awards
  • The new structure requires revision and audit of a new smart contract delaying launch of silver and gold awards to Q1 2023
  • To compensate EWT stakers for delayed launch, all silver and gold snapshot holders will receive an additional 10% award on top of their individual silver and/or gold awards



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